Smart Air Conditioner

William, a 7th grade student, won the first place in the new energy group in the final of the California science competition with his AI intelligent air conditioning control and energy saving system. The achievement underscores the growing competitive advantage of computing programs in traditional scientific fields. The close combination of science and technology and environmental protection has intensified the competition in the field of new energy, and also highlighted the great potential of science and technology to solve modern problems.

Student Testimonial

William's innovative ability and practical skills are outstanding, and his achievements are rare among his peers. His projects shed light on the importance of computer science to the modern world, especially in addressing environmental and energy issues. His success provided a role model for his fellow students to use technology to solve problems. His potential for the future is limitless, and we expect him to continue to achieve greater achievements in the fields of science and technology.

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Students won in the new energy group of the California Science Competition