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Grow with the Academia and Industry

Our instructors are sourced from esteemed universities and top-tier industrial firms. We pride ourselves on fostering robust ties with both the academic and corporate sectors. Coding Mind consistently hosts sessions with these partners to discuss cutting-edge research and advancements in computer science. This keeps our teaching methods current. Additionally, we actively converse with the educational community about challenges in K-12 computer education, ensuring we nurture talent that meets the requirements of both the academic and industrial worlds.

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In/After-School Courses

At Coding Mind, we take pride in being the go-to provider for coding education in many schools. Our tailored curriculum is designed for seamless integration into regular school hours, ensuring students receive top-notch programming education as part of their core learning.

Beyond the bell, our after-school programs offer dedicated and immersive experiences, allowing students to delve deeper into the world of coding. Trusted by educators and loved by students, we're committed to fostering the next generation of tech innovators.