Enrichment Passion Project

Why a Strong Background Is Key for Top School Admissions!

Less focus on test scores in U.S. admissions ups the ante on your background.

Extracurriculars and relevant experiences make you stand out.

High-demand majors like CS and finance are getting more selective.

Evolving policies heighten challenges for Asian applicants.

The Outcomes

Unlock Success with Our Enrichment Program

Join our program to fast-track your journey to unparalleled achievement.

College Research Internships

Unlock future internships and code like a pro with our immersive program. Boost skills and seize tech adn research opportunities.

Publish Research Papers

Use coding for impactful research. Analyze data and publish papers in top-tier journals and magnizes to advance your field.

Launch Apps Officially

Gain the skills to create and publish apps in official app stores. Make your mark in the digital world.

Win Competitions

Excel in science fairs, hackathons, join a community of innovators, and win big challenges.

File U.S. Patents

Develop innovative solutions and file U.S. patents to protect your inventions.

Brand & Website

Build a memorable brand and website to attract audiences and unlock digital success.

Start Your Venture

Gain tech and entrepreneurial skills to launch your startup and make a global impact.

Volunteer Award

Address societal issues and become eligible for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Recommendation Letters

Impress mentors and secure strong recommendations to propel your future endeavors.


Coding Mind Students Got Accepted To

Meet our Alumni

Coding Mind Students & Accomplishments

Check out what our previous Coding Mind Students have achieved!

See All Projects

Leo Lee

University of Pennsylvania

Developed a University Application Prediction App using AI and Big Data.

Felliane Teng

California Institute of Technology

Developed a mobile app that locks users from accessing other applications until the alloted time is over.

Kelvin Lee

UC Berkeley

Created a Time Management App using AI Chatbots to help students plan their activities automatically.

Thomas Xiao

Carnegie Mellon University (Computer Science)

Thomas developed a safety driving software using IoT and computer vision algorithms that detects driver's level of alertness through facial recognition. He was admitted to the CMU Computer Science program.

Andy Ma

NYU Stern (Business)

Andy analyzed entrepreneurial growth trends of small and medium-sized enterprises using big data analysis, published papers, and patents. He was admitted to NYU Stern Business School.

Mark Zhang

MIT (Engineering)

Mark successfully reconstructed architectural facade images into design blueprints using artificial intelligence. He published papers and patents and was admitted to MIT's School of Engineering.

Jenna Li

Cornell (Psychology)

Jenna designed an email efficiency enhancement plugin to boost user productivity from a psychological perspective. She published papers and patents and applied to Cornell's Psychology program.

Matthew Wang

Stanford (Computer Science)

Matthew used AI algorithms to protect against network attacks targeting autonomous driving. He published papers and patents and was admitted to Stanford's Computer Science department.

Arnold Gao

USC (Film Animation)

Arnold developed another intelligent movie editing software using computer vision. He released an app and obtained patents, leading to admission to USC's Film Animation program.

Angel Ge

Princeton (Data Science)

Angel innovatively improved the method of training large data models using artificial intelligence and machine learning. He won the Kaggle algorithm competition gold medal and was admitted to Princeton.

How Does It Work?

Our Program Workflow

Explore the steps involved in our enrichment project and discover why we are the preferred choice for our esteemed clients.

  • 1

    Ideation Phase

    Collaborate with research advisors to identify compelling research topics that resonate with you.

  • 2

    Tailored Project Plan

    Create a personalized project plan, aligned with your past experiences and future academic aspirations.

  • 3

    Project Development

    Acquire the skills to construct a functional project prototype.

  • 4

    Academic Research

    Perform experiments, conduct scholarly research, and author impactful papers.

  • 5

    Product Launch

    Officially publish your project and initiate your own startup venture.

  • 6

    Competitive Showcase

    Engage in various competitions to garner accolades and recognition.

  • 7

    Social Impact

    Amplify your project's reach and implement it in real-world communities.

  • 8

    College Applications

    We assist in integrating your project achievements into your college application materials.

  • 9

    Startup Establishment

    Lay the groundwork for your startup, including website and brand creation.

  • 10

    Strategic Promotion

    Execute marketing strategies for both business growth and societal impact.

  • 11

    Community Volunteering

    Utilize your project to benefit your community and earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

  • 12

    Mentor Endorsements

    Showcase your project outcomes to mentors for strong recommendation letters.

  • 13

    Application Assistance

    Summarize your project milestones and receive help in preparing application materials.

Our Strengths

A Program Tailored to Fulfill Your Aspirations

Personalized Planning

An individually crafted project plan aligned with your passion.

Authentic Development

Rooted in your genuine experiences and areas of interest.

Goal-Driven Approach

A streamlined plan designed to achieve multiple objectives efficiently.

Expert Mentorship

Guidance from seasoned professionals in both industry and academia.

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