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Our courses prioritize 'Learning by Doing', incorporating project-based learning assignments for hands-on and real-world experience. We move beyond traditional teaching methods, allowing students to apply their coding knowledge through innovative projects, preparing students for coding competitions, research prospects, and startup challenges, fostering competitive, research, and entrepreneurial mindsets.

L1: Block Based Programming

Block Based Programming was developed by MIT's Media Lab to be suitable for beginners. Students can quickly learn programming concepts!

L2: Script Based Programming

Learn basic programming using scripting languages such as Javascript or Lua. Students practice practical coding gaining a good foundation.

L3: Intermediate Programming

Learn in-depth languages such as Python. Practice writing programs that solve complex problems, and get an introduction to algorithms.

L4: Applied Programming

Having a foundation with code already, students can learn programming in applied topics developing projects in their preferred direction.

L5: Competitive Programming

Advanced students prepare for algorithm competitions, science fairs, AP CS exams, and partake in enrichment projects.


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