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Coding Mind's unique CODING4SCHOOLS initiative offers in-class Academic Enhancement Programs, introducing comprehensive Coding and STEM modules to your school.

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Our curriculum emphasizes current and in-demand subjects like AI, cyber security, data science, ensuring students stay ahead in the tech world.


Our philosophy prioritizes experiential learning through projects.


Our program equips institutions and their learners with a clear roadmap, aiming to excel in STEM contests.

Our Service

Immersive On-Campus Education with Experienced Instructors

Our seasoned group of instructors will visit your school, collaborating directly with your students to deliver in-depth Coding and STEM sessions that align with your existing lessons or after-school activities.Every session is specially crafted considering the age and proficiency of your students!

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Trending Topics

Mastering the Top Trends: AI & Beyond

Schools can tailor their choice of courses from our trending topics list, based on grade level and class mode.


Data Science

Cyber Security


Game Dev


Mobile/Web Dev


Courses Designed for Impact

Projects & Competitions Await

Create Projects!


Project-Based Learning

With Coding Mind, learning culminates in creation - every student proudly completes a personal project by the end of each course, showcasing their new skills and innovative thinking!


Prepared for Competitions

At Coding Mind, every student is a contender - our curriculum guarantees participation in at least one competition each semester, fostering skills, courage, and a competitive edge!

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Enrich your students with coding, AI, and confidence

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