UC Berkeley Rising Star

With her talent and her love for technology, Jenny managed to create a makeup app. The APP not only collects information on the types, functions and prices of cosmetics, but also recommends products suitable for users through intelligent algorithms, making it an essential tool for cosmetics buyers. She has successfully combined technology with life so that cosmetic consumers can better understand and choose products that suit them while enjoying the convenience brought by technology. Her innovative consciousness and practical spirit have shown us the infinite possibilities of young people in the new era.

Student Testimonial

The achievement of high school student JEnny is not only her personal honor, but also a proof of the continuous development of the younger generation in the field of technological innovation. Jenny's experience tells us that as long as you have dreams and perseverance, you can create your own world and bring positive impact to society. We are full of expectations for Jenny's future, and believe that she will continue to show her talent and charm in her study and life at UC Berkeley, and become an outstanding representative of the new generation of technological innovators.

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