Food Truck Simulator

Students have demonstrated an extremely high level of commitment and hard work, putting in a lot of time and effort in our Food Truck Simulator project. He created a food truck business concept simulator using Unity to teach the business in an immersive way, a complex and innovative task. He has demonstrated resilience and problem-solving skills in the face of challenges encountered in projects such as code not running smoothly, expected results different from actual results, and the need to try different programming languages. His problem-solving skills and willingness to take the initiative are great assets. Even in difficult situations, he always remained calm, steady, and kept going. Overall, he has performed well in the project and has great potential for growth.

Student Testimonial

Food Truck Simulator Project! This is a simulator of a food truck business created using Unity. The goal of this project is to help users understand and learn how to run a successful food truck business through an immersive teaching method. The simulator includes guidance on how to choose a menu, set prices, buy ingredients, and stand out in a competitive environment. In our project, we encountered some technical challenges, such as the code not running smoothly, the expected effect is different from the actual effect, and the need to try different programming languages. Despite the challenges, we worked hard to solve them and deliver a simulator that taught business while also being fun. We believe that this simulator will not only help users better understand the food truck business, but also bring them fun in the process.

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Andy was admitted by NYU Stern