In addition to excelling academically, Rose has demonstrated her innovative spirit and sense of responsibility. MoodLink, an AI chat program she developed, is a notable project. This program uses artificial intelligence technology to help people relieve depression and promote the development of positive psychology. Today, as society pays more and more attention to mental health, Rose's use of technology to contribute to this field is enough to show that she has a broad vision, compassion, and is committed to using her technological talents to improve people's lives.

Student Testimonial

I can't speak highly enough of Rose. She is not only an excellent student, but also a young scientist with a high sense of responsibility and social awareness. Her talent and tenacity give her endless possibilities for the future. I look forward to seeing her achieve more at Georgia Tech and in her future career, and make greater contributions to technology and society.

More About This Project + Accolades

The project helped Rose get admitted to GEORGIA TECH