ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering is a course designed to help students get the most out of ChatGPT. Get ahead of the curve by training ChatGPT to do as students command using simple but effective prompt engineering techniques.


L4 Applied Programming


Artificial Intelligence

Skill Level


Class Size

1-on-1 or Group (2-4 students)

The Power of AI at Fingertips

It's no secret that ChatGPT is transforming the way that we solve everyday problems. Go beyond that by learning how to make ChatGPT do nearly anything students need it to.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Everyone's using ChatGPT to do things now. But, students can get ahead of the curve and learn advanced tips and tricks with ChatGPT to get things done quicker.

Use It in Projects

This course contains a section on how to use the ChatGPT library for Python. Use this library in students' own Python projects and students can submit those into competitions.

Make Own Websites

Students will learn how to make students own entire website from scratch, that also uses the power of ChatGPT to help users who visit.

Be the Next Successful Young Entrepreneur

Practical hands-on skills are far more important than theoretical knowledge. Every course is designed for students to learn how to turn an idea for a project into a practical reality through hard work. Young little entrepreneurs are developed during these challenges.

Learning Objectives

    Explore ChatGPT Prompt Engineering and master the skills and techniques for customizing conversation generation models!

  • Understand what ChatGPT is
  • Understand why ChatGPT is so important
  • Understand why prompt engineering is important
  • Learn many different prompt patterns for different situations
  • Learn how to use the ChatGPT Python library
  • Create student's own simple website using ChatGPT

Course Features

  • In-person or Online Available
  • Project-Oriented Learning
  • Exercise System Support


Upon finishing the trial and assessment, classes will be scheduled based on the student’s availability. Please contact us for the Trial class.

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Project Based

Our courses are designed to lead students to build their own startup projects.

Experienced Instructors

Passion for code. Unmatched expertise. Personality that brings interaction and encouragement always.

Aim at Competitions

Beyond learning programming, students are prepared to compete in science fairs, research, and entrepreneurship competitions.

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