AI Art with Midjourney and ChatGPT Prompting

In our AI Art class, students will learn how to utilize two powerful AI models to make stunning art with a few words. Midjourney will serve as the painter, and ChatGPT will be trained on how to properly make art prompts.


L4 Applied Programming


Artificial Intelligence

Skill Level


Class Size

1-on-1 or Group (2-4 students)

The Power of AI at Fingertips

Midjourney can make stunning images for students, and all students need to do is to feed it a couple of words. With specialized prompts, students can make it do even more.

Get Ahead of the Curve

AI Art tools are set to become one of the most widely used creative tools in the future. So get ahead of the curve by mastering it before everyone else does!

Use It in Projects

Students will use what students learned about Midjourney in this course to create a portfolio containing all of students' stunning AI artworks.

Learn ChatGPT, Too

Students don't just learn Midjourney in this course. Also included is a small guide on how to use ChatGPT, which is an equally large and powerful AI tool that students should know how to use.

Be the Next Successful Young Entrepreneur

Practical hands-on skills are far more important than theoretical knowledge. Every course is designed for students to learn how to turn an idea for a game into a practical reality through hard work. Young little entrepreneurs are developed during these challenges.

Learning Objectives

    Explore the art of creative AI with Midjourney and ChatGPT for creative inspiration!

  • Understand what Midjourney and ChatGPT is
  • Understand why Midjourney and ChatGPT are so important
  • Understand why prompt engineering is important in AI Art
  • Learn how to make nearly anything using Midjourney
  • Learn how to use ChatGPT to make AI Art better
  • Create student's own portfolio using Midjourney

Course Features

  • In-person or Online Available
  • Project-Oriented Learning
  • Exercise System Support


Upon finishing the trial and assessment, classes will be scheduled based on the student’s availability. Please contact us for the Trial class.

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Project Based

Our courses are designed to lead students to build their own startup projects.

Experienced Instructors

Passion for code. Unmatched expertise. Personality that brings interaction and encouragement always.

Aim at Competitions

Beyond learning programming, students are prepared to compete in science fairs, research, and entrepreneurship competitions.

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