Python: Alpaca Stock Trading

This course utilizes the concepts learned in Python, in combination with the Alpaca Stock-Trading API to help students develop their own stock-trading algorithms. This course will introduce the fundamentals of buying/selling stocks in the stock-market, as well as algorithmic trading. Towards the end of the course, students will study and build some advanced trading algorithm models used in the real world.


L4 Applied Programming


Finance Coding

Skill Level

Intermediate to Advanced

Class Size

1-on-1 or Group (2-4 students)

The Fundamentals of the Stock Market, and Algorithmic Stock Trading

Learn the fundamentals of buying and selling stocks in the stock market, and algorithmic stock trading. Advance your knowledge of the stock market.

From AI Learning to Stock Trading Principles

Learn about AI learning techniques and the various tools that programmers can use to succeed in the stock market. Experiment with your own data and algorithmic models and see what you can acheive.

Try to Program Stock Trading Algorithms

Program stock trading algorithms all by yourself and apply what you have learned about AI in practice.

Develop Your Own Trading Algorithm Model

Through hands on instruction from our instructors, you will be able to program and build some advanced trading algorithm models for real-world use that can trade in the real stock market.

Learning Objectives

    Learn about today's most popular computer applications: Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Stock Trading

  • Learn and understand the principles of stock trading
  • Learn about the application of artificial intelligence in the stock market
  • Learn to use the Alpaca Stock-Trading tool
  • Experiment with your own data and models
  • Publish your own high-frequency automated trading program
  • Participate in technology and computer science-related project competitions

Course Features

  • In-person or Online Available
  • Project-Oriented Learning
  • Exercise System Support


Upon finishing the trial and assessment, classes will be scheduled based on the student’s availability. Please contact us for the Trial class.

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Project Based

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Experienced Instructors

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Aim at Competitions

Beyond learning programming, students are prepared to compete in science fairs, research, and entrepreneurship competitions.

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