ACSL Prep - All Divisions

The American Computer Science League, also known as the ACSL, is a competition with several contests per year where groups of up to 3-5 students compete against others in various programming and discrete mathematics challenges. We offer training for ACSL's 4 divisions: Elementary, Classroom, Junior, and Senior.


L5 Competitive Programming



Skill Level


Class Size

1-on-1 or Group (2-4 students)

Master Discrete Mathematics

The ACSL tests your know-how on all things Computer Science, which includes knowledge on parts of discrete mathematics, such as graph theory. Discrete mathematics is a whole new world of computation compared to standard K-12 mathematics.

Advanced Data Structures

We offer a practical study to consolidate your knowledge of data structures, so you can compete at your best for Classroom, Junior, and Senior levels.

Training for all Levels

The ACSL graciously provides studying material for groups to prepare with, but if you want a boost in the competition then you need a knowledgeable and capable instructor to guide you through the process to practice efficiently.

Transition From Programming to Algorithmic Thinking

Computer Science isn't just about programming. It's about discrete mathematics, number systems, algebra, and more. For those wanting to major in Computer Science, training for the ACSL will give you a huge head start.

Train and Improve Before the Competition

Practice makes perfect! Training your Computer Science knowledge is the best and only way to prepare yourself for the ACSL and related informatics competitions.

Learning Objectives

    Computer programming discrete mathematics training to prepare for the American Computer Science League

  • Master every part of Computer Science
  • Understand college-level data structures and discrete mathematics principles
  • Get ahead of the game when it comes to Computer Science
  • Learn how to solve complex problems quickly
  • Training in various informatics competitions

Course Features

  • In-person or Online Available
  • Project-Oriented Learning
  • Exercise System Support


Upon finishing the trial and assessment, classes will be scheduled based on the student’s availability. Please contact us for the Trial class.

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Project Based

Our courses are designed to lead students to build their own startup projects.

Experienced Instructors

Passion for code. Unmatched expertise. Personality that brings interaction and encouragement always.

Aim at Competitions

Beyond learning programming, students are prepared to compete in science fairs, research, and entrepreneurship competitions.

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