IgniteCS Programming Expo

About IgniteCS Programming Expo

The IgniteCS Programming Expo is the largest youth programming project competition in the United States, held annually since 2017. Last year, over 1600 youth programming projects participated in the selection process, with more than 400 projects advancing to the online finals and over 80 awards distributed across more than 20 different categories. These projects showcased a diverse array of technologies, unique UI designs, and innovative concepts, impressing both competitors and spectators. The competition is sponsored by many well-known companies and judged by a panel primarily composed of university research teams and professionals from leading industry companies, ensuring experienced evaluations and a high-quality competition. Categories include Game and Animation, Utility Programming, Hardware and IoT Systems, Data Science, Mobile Application and Development, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Computer Principles and Algorithms, encompassing nearly all computer science disciplines.

How to Register

Participants should visit the official competition website at http://ignitecsexpo.org/ to complete the registration process. Registration details are as follows:

  • Be sure to submit a project summary.

  • If the project was completed with teammates, include their names in the designated section.

  • Students should pay attention to the registration deadline and ensure they register before the due date.

  • After registering, please wait patiently for an email from the organizing committee about how to participate; the competition will be held online.

  • For any registration-related queries, please contact the organizing committee directly at ignite@cpp.edu.

  • This competition is an excellent platform for participants to enhance their computer science knowledge and interact with industry leaders. We hope all participants take this opportunity to excel and gain valuable experience and recognition.

IgniteCS Programming Project Competition Rules

  • Participants must be students. Each applicant must be a student enrolled in an educational institution from grades K-12. Projects are categorized by the highest grade level represented in team projects.

  • Each student may only participate once per year. Teams may consist of up to five participants. Team projects will compete against individual projects in the same category. Remember, the jury will have higher expectations for team projects based on the number of students involved. Projects must be created solely by the participants. Any project submitted individually but found to be written by a team will result in disqualification.

  • Students may use projects submitted to other science fairs or competitions. However, any project re-entering the IgniteCS Programming Expo must demonstrate significant new developments and expansions to be eligible for an award. The final decision will be made by the category judges.

  • Students without parental accompaniment must be supervised by an authorized adult, teacher, or administrator. The IgniteCS Programming Expo is not responsible for supervising any participants.

Awards at the IgniteCS Programming Expo

Category Awards

  • The IgniteCS Programming Expo awards the top five projects in each academic category and age group: First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Fourth Place, and Fifth Place. Additional awards include the Innovation Project Award, Best Team Award, and Outstanding Creativity Award for each group and age category.

People’s Choice Award

  • Each participant votes for three other projects.

Project of the Year

  • The first-place winning project in each academic category is eligible to compete for the Project of the Year in each age group.

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