Dragon Kim Fellowship

About the Dragon Kim Fellowship

The Dragon Kim Fellowship is a program provided by the Dragon Kim Foundation, which operates as a social entrepreneurship incubator. This leadership training program is tailored for high school students from grades 9-12. It offers a seven-month experience where participants can develop service projects that impact their communities. Students involved in the fellowship receive training, mentorship, and financial support, with grants up to $5,000 to help launch their initiatives. The fellowship aims to inspire youth to impact their communities while discovering and pursuing their passions .

Who can apply

  • Are currently enrolled as a high school student in California, Nevada, or Arizona

  • Have an idea for addressing a need or problem in your community

  • Have a passion or talent you want to use to empower others

  • Are willing to step out of your comfort zone to grow

  • Want to learn and implement the ins and outs of running a business

  • Collaborate well with others

  • Are available to launch your service project in the summer (March-August)

  • Can attend all of our program dates

Application Process

  • First Step: Ensure Eligibility

  • Next Step: Attend An Inspiration Session (optional)

  • Next Step Complete Online Application

  • Next Steo: Dragon Finalists Interview

  • Last Step: Accept Invitation to be a Dragon Fellow

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