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About Coolest Project

Coolest Projects is a global celebration dedicated to showcasing the exceptional creations made by young digital creators using technology. This event occurs annually and includes a global online showcase as well as live events in various countries and regions. It highlights how these young innovators solve problems, express creativity, or improve society through technology, such as programming, engineering, and design. These events provide a platform for young people to present their projects while also inspiring and encouraging a global enthusiasm and interest in technological innovation.

The Value of Coolest Projects Programming Initiatives

  • International Platform: Coolest Projects provides a global stage for young tech creators, not only bringing widespread attention to their work but also enabling them to interact and learn from peers around the world.

  • Innovation and Practice: Participants design and implement their projects through hands-on experience, enhancing their technical skills while fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

  • Education and Career Development: Engaging in such activities not only boosts the technical and project management skills of young creators but also enhances their confidence and public speaking abilities. Participation in this project strengthens their soft skills, benefiting their educational and career prospects.

  • Public Recognition and Motivation: Coolest Projects frequently gain attention from the tech and education sectors, and outstanding projects may receive recognition and awards from professionals, providing additional motivation and supporting applications to prestigious institutions.

  • Technological Impact: Many projects focus on addressing real-world issues such as environmental protection, education, and health. The implementation and promotion of these projects help to increase public awareness and participation in significant societal issues.

Coolest Project Competition Rules and Conditions

Coolest Projects does not accept the following types of projects:

  • Projects containing swear words or obscene language.

  • Games that depict violence set against a backdrop of war.

  • Acts of violence against people or animals, including scenes of physical abuse (such as hitting, throwing objects), and depictions of intentional harm.

  • Content that is suggestive or adult in nature, such as nudity or excessive exposure.

  • Content that is shocking or excessively graphic.

  • Any form of discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or nationality.

  • Activities involving fraud, solicitation of money, collection of personal data, or intended for commercial use.

  • Projects that are directly copied from original projects without any attempt at remixing or editing.

  • Non-digital projects, such as crafts, drawings, science projects, or constructions made only with basic LEGO blocks.

Can non-native English speakers participate in Coolest Projects?

Projects should be presented in English. Scratch projects should use written English, and video submissions should be in spoken English or accompanied by English subtitles. If you need language assistance, you can contact the organizers at to see if

What happens after students submit a project?

After you submit your project, if it is selected for the online showcase, it will be displayed in an online gallery visible to a global audience. The Coolest Projects team will then review each project and provide personalized feedback. If your project is shortlisted, Coolest Projects will invite special VIP judges to select and highlight their favorite projects. Judges will evaluate projects based on creativity, complexity, presentation and communication skills, design, and usability. For Scratch projects, judges will specifically consider how they are presented differently from other types of projects. During live events, judges will interact directly with participants, discuss their projects, provide feedback, and select standout projects for special display on the day of the event. Each participant will receive a personalized certificate, detailed project feedback, and exciting digital gifts to honor their outstanding creativity and participation spirit!

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