AI Challengers

What is AI Challengers

AI Challengers, a global, project-based competition, motivates young teams to solve the world’s most challenging real-world problems using artificial intelligence (AI). Held annually in August, this truly international contest draws participants from around the globe. It is open to all AI technology projects, including data analysis, pattern recognition, optimization, natural language processing, and decision support.

Esteemed Judges from Top Universities and Industry Giants

The competition features a judging panel of experts from top universities such as the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UCLA, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and Cornell University, along with industry leaders from Amazon, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. Their participation ensures the competition’s high standards and credibility.

Rules and References

AI project competition is open only to students.

To qualify for participation, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Age requirement: Open to students aged 8 to 22.
  • Enrollment status: Students must be enrolled in an accredited elementary, middle, or high school, or university.
  • Individual or team participation: Students may participate individually or in teams of up to three members.
  • Supervision and consent: All participants must have consent from a parent or legal guardian to compete. Team entries require a designated leader to coordinate with the competition organizers.
  • Guidance: While students may seek guidance from teachers, parents, or other adults, most of the project development and implementation is expected to be completed by the students themselves.

Materials required for the competition:

  • Source Code: Full source code of the project must be provided. Ensure the code is well-organized, readable, and properly documented. Include all necessary files and resources required to run the project successfully.
  • Demonstration Video: Create a demonstration video showing your project in action. The video should comprehensively demonstrate the project’s functionality, features, and unique aspects. Ensure the video is clear, engaging, and of sufficient quality to convey the project’s capabilities effectively.
  • Presentation Slides: Prepare presentation slides using the provided template. The presentation should be informative, visually appealing, and concise. It should cover the key aspects of the project, including an introduction, problem statement, solution approach, implementation details, results, and any other relevant information. Ensure your slides effectively convey the project’s objectives and achievements.

AI project competition will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Technical proficiency (40%): Display strong skills in AI development, including the effective implementation and utilization of AI algorithms, models, and techniques. This also includes proficient use of relevant programming languages, libraries, and frameworks, while ensuring the scalability, efficiency, and accuracy of AI solutions.
  • Innovation and creativity (20%): Originality and creativity in solving the chosen problem or use case. Development of unique features, functions, or approaches within the project. Introduction of novel concepts, techniques, or methodologies in AI implementation.
  • Fit between problem and solution (15%): Clear understanding of the problem or use case being addressed. Appropriateness of the AI solution in addressing the identified problem. Consideration of the potential impact, feasibility, and practicality of the solution.
  • Results and performance (15%): Achievement of the project objectives outlined in the documentation. Evidence of thorough testing and evaluation of the AI solution. Demonstration of the implemented solution’s performance, accuracy, and effectiveness.
  • Presentation quality (10%): Clarity, coherence, and organization of the presentation slides. Visual appeal, readability, and effective use of graphics or visual elements in the slides. Concise and comprehensive communication of the project’s objectives, methods, and results.

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