STEM Curriculum Designer

Job Description

We are looking for and experienced Curriculum Developer to lead the design and development of our STEM courses for our K-12 students in classes, after-school programs, weekend workshops, and camps. This individual will be responsible for building our curriculum, continually overseeing curriculum development, and ensuring the success of our educational courses. As a Curriculum Developer at Coding Mind, you will play a essential role in shaping the future providing valuable learning experiences for our students.


  • Research latest trends and advances in STEM education, integrate the most cutting-edge material and technologies from the real-world into the curriculum, and ensure we offer programs with the newest STEM concepts
  • Design program curriculum, instructional material, lesson plans, and teaching strategies from kindergarten to high school (K-12) with clear course objectives.
  • Develop course projects integrating electrical circuit boards, embedded systems, microcomputers, intelligent systems, data structure, signal processing, programming languages, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related knowledge and techniques in STEM and electrical engineering area.
  • Draft teaching materials for STEM instructors to introduce and explain the mechanisms, functions, and principles of electrical circuits and their components, microcomputers (e.g. Raspberry PI), analog and digital signals, mathematical models used in AI, programming methods to install code to control embedded systems, etc., as well as related assessment materials to evaluate student learning
  • Design interactive projects that provide real-world opportunities for students to practice their STEM skills and apply the knowledge and skills learned from coursework
  • Stay current on related scholarly and educational trends by attending seminars and conferences in the Electrical Engineering field, read research papers on the top academic journals, in order to bring authentic resources and ideas to design curriculum and teaching materials
  • Suggest improvements and options for advancement in our online courses and for our college application enrichment related courses, particularly for students interested in Electrical Engineering and related STEM fields as majors and careers
  • Review feedback from teachers and students to further develop and adjust course materials


  • Must have a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, or its foreign equivalent.
  • Must be able to use Graph Theory and Topology Theory to build mathematical models used in Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Must be able to use Fourier Analysis to analyze digital signal.

Preferred Experience

  • Prior experience designing program curriculum from beginner to advanced levels and kindergarten to high school (K-12).


  • We offer a competitive salary based on experience level and performance.
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