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Competitive Coding Courses

  • Complete K-12 course pathway
  • Trending and applied topics
  • Flexible schedule and class mode choices
  • Project-based Learning
  • Prepare for Competitions
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Enrichment Passion Project

  • Designed for college application enrichment
  • Goal-driven project plan to gain accomplishments
  • Customized project topics for different majors
  • Conduct research in college labs
  • Launch your very own startup
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The Pursuit of Excellence

Win Competitions

Turn ideas into victories with Coding Mind, where our students' projects pave the way to triumph in various prestigious competitions!

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Make Products

Students don't just learn - they create, launching their innovative projects on official platforms like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Steam for the world to experience!

Publish Research Papers

Students at Coding Mind gain opportunities to conduct scientific research in university labs and publish academic papers in top-tier conferences and journals.

Launch Startups

Unlock your potential with Coding Mind - where your projects can transform into thriving startups, generating real-world revenue.

Change The World

Empower your community and inspire change with Coding Mind, where our students' projects go beyond the classroom to create real-world impact.

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